Monday, January 11, 2010


Shortly after we trapped Snow, I went back to the spot where Jo and I had seen the little gray tabby with the white nose. But instead of finding this particular jellicle, I was astonished to meet another gray tabby, sitting on the log where I had first seen Snow. He was a mackeral gray striped cat with large caramel colored eyes. Fortunately, I had wised up enough to carry little cans of Fancy Feast in my bag, so I popped a can and faded back to a spot where I could observe my diner. The tabby devoured the can, washed his paws, and headed back into the bushes. No other cats appeared. The following day I returned to the log and spotted a small, longish-haired black cat with lovely green eyes. The scenerio with the cat food was repeated, and I was little the wiser. The third day I went back to what was beginning to feel like an ocean fish feast drive-thru and-- you guessed it-- another cat! This time, a tan and black cat scurried into the brush as soon as it spotted me. The following day, however, the little gray tabby with the white nose and paws reappeared. This time she was accompanied by a red-orange tabby. They did not seem especially afraid, but kept their distance and did not eat until I was a safe distance from them. 

 I was beginning to feel a bit overwhelmed. Where were all of these cats coming from? Was it really possible that they were all homeless?   

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