Thursday, January 14, 2010


January 14th, 2010
We have had four weeks of icy, cold weather. December's snow is still on the ground. I think that Samson hates it as much as I do. He high-tails off to his shelter the moment he is done eating. He doesn't even stop to wash his paws. Every day I marvel at how these creatures, who seem so content to luxuriate on cozy beds and atop warm radiators in a home, can cope with the frigid winter weather from which they have no escape. Sometimes, on the coldest days and nights I dream about bringing them home--just for a little southern-style comfort. Yet the woods at Stone Ledge is their home. In my heart, I know this is where they want to be--it is where they belong. I suspect that most caretakers have these same winter rescue fantasies. Ultimately, we become citizen meteorologists, checking wind velocities and watching thermometers and barometers rise and fall while we wait for spring.

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