Monday, February 8, 2010


I have finally trapped Dear Prudence! After seeing her on New Year's Day, I placed an old "Have-a-Heart" trap near the shed where she lives. I removed the trap door so I could put food inside and get her accustomed to entering the trap to eat. She ate inside the cage for about a week. Then, just when I thought she was primed for trapping, she disappeared again. I pretty much gave up any hope of catching her.

Three days ago, out of nowhere, she reappeared. Again, I placed food in the "dummy" trap. She ate it and retreated under the shed. The next day--which was yesterday-- I replaced the trap door. I was ready to give it one more try--before she took off again. Naturally, Prudence was a "no show"--or was she? I had a gut feeling that she might have seen me baiting the trap and was waiting for me to leave the area. (Were those dark eyes watching me again?) I placed a small can of Fancy's "Ocean Fish Feast" in the back of the trap and returned to my car to wait.

Normally, I keep my eyes fixed on a trap in case it malfunctions. I am always concerned that a cat might get partially stuck and injured in some way. I also watch because I don't want other animals such as skunk going for the bait. This time, however, I did not watch because I felt it would bring "bad luck." I have learned that most trappers have little "good luck" trapping habits. One friend would not think of catching a cat without having a double expresso latte in the car with her. Another will not trap without her "lucky" green sweater. I knew that if I stared at the trap--like the proverbial watched pot that never boils--I would never catch my cat. Yet, when I walked back towards the trap ten minutes later, I still could not believe my eyes---Prudence was in the cage!

Prudence tested negative for both FIV and FELV. The vet said she showed no signs of currently nursing kittens, which would have meant releasing her immediately back to Stone Ledge. Fortunately, with the advent of internal stitches, this would have been possible had it been necessary.**

Tonight, Dear Prudence is resting comfortably at "Community Cats," a wonderful feline sanctuary/rescue center in Bedford, New York. She'll remain there for four or five nights until being released home to Stone Ledge.

** Although it is a cold February in the greater New York area, queens have been showing up pregnant or with winter litters!

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