Monday, February 15, 2010


Delilah surveying the storms aftermath
Finally, five days after the storm, all cats are accounted for. I was growing worried about Midnight and Tom Moore, but they both showed up to eat today, looking none the worse for wear. Tom, who almost always sleeps in his feral house, must had taken a holiday, as no little paw prints were in the snow near his shelter. Midnight does not, to my knowledge, use the feral houses, so I was worried that she might have gotten trapped in a hole or in someone's shed or garage. Ah, the imagination runs wild!

Delilah venturing out

Samson hates the snow. It took a lot for him to come out of his cozy lair for a quick breakfast. Perhaps one day he will retire to being an indoor cat....

Phantom in a feeding shelter. He will eat in any weather!

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