Tuesday, February 23, 2010


When my kids were little they went through a stage where they loved to scribble on paper with crayons, but they could never understand why applying too much color turned their masterpiece gray. Like layers of crayon colors, this colony has produced cats that are a solid shade of gray.They reside in a busy commercial area of what is considered one of the most affluent towns in the country. And, yes, a former US President and the current US Secretary of State live here, as well famous actors, heads of industry, etc.; however, homeless cats still wander the fringes of this toney suburban landscape looking for food and shelter. My friend "D" and I, along with the support of "Community Cats," are slowly but surely trapping, spaying and neutering the colony. As of this week, we have done TNR for seven of the twelve cats. Perhaps the greatest obstacle, aside from the fact that these cats are nearly identical and the classic TNR ear tipping can be difficult to discern, is that the local SPCA has a limited number of slots for TNR. As the hours of daylight grow longer, the chances of females becoming pregnant increases dramatically. It is a race to spay before pregnancies are too far along. Another eight to ten weeks and kitten season will be upon us!

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