Sunday, March 21, 2010


It has been three weeks since the big snow storm, and "Dear Prudence" has still not been seen. Granted, she does disappear for months at a time, but I wish that I had seen her at least once since the big snow--just to know that she made it. After "Crystal" turned up sick, with the vet suspecting that she may have been trapped near contaminated water (i.e. antifreeze), I now fear that something similar could have happened to Prudence. If she was trapped without food or water for several days her system might have shut down. I checked the area around her favorite shed where she likes to hang-out. One side was open with easy egress, but no paw prints to be found. Then again, I have to keep in mind what my friend "D" always says, "We can TNR, feed, and shelter, but we can't always keep them safe." I think that caring for ferals is like having kids: once you take responsibility for them, the worrying never ends.

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