Monday, March 22, 2010


What better way to spend a rainy day than to curl up--cat style--with a good book? One of my all-time favorites is  Samantha Mooney's A Snowflake in my Hand. Samantha writes about her work at the Animal Medical Center in NYC and about the cats that have made a difference in her life. One small black cat, "Fledermaus," leads Samantha to a a very special kind of breakthrough in dealing with a tragedy in her personal life. This book received rave reviews when it was published in 1983. It is a real gem and not to be missed by anyone who loves animals. (And, yes, you'll definitely need a box of tissue to get through this one!)

Another special cat book is The Stony Point Whiskers Club by Don Loprieno.
Don was manager of the Stony Point Battlefield, a state historic site in New York, overlooking the Hudson River, when a small, blue eyed, orange tabby was discovered abandoned in the park. Don had never been very interested in cats until "Cato" captured his heart. Well, you know how that goes... Again, a box of tissue is recommended with this reading!

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