Thursday, April 15, 2010


Samson and Dear Prudence have shown up with bite wounds. Samson, especially, is in bad shape. I knew something was wrong when Delilah began showing up alone. After eight days I finally found Samson behind the garbage compactor where he and Delilah slept before we put in feral houses. He was a mess. His back right paw (lower "ankle" area) had been bitten down to the bone and had green puss oozing from it. He looked disheveled; obviously, he had been too sick to clean himself. He also looked thin, and it was easy to read the pain in his eyes.

Well, that was a week ago. After seven days of clindamycin the infection is gone, his appetite is back, and, although he is still not using his paw (he can stretch it), the look of pain  has left his eyes. I am holding my breath that he will stay out of harm's way and regain full use of his leg.

Interestingly, the other cats back away when Samson hobbles to the feeding station to eat. Delilah and Cry Baby, in particular, sit quietly while he slowly eats his medicated food. After Samson eats, he carefully makes his way back to a remote feral house to sleep. Delilah and Cry Baby remain within close range of the house throughout the day. Could they be guarding Samson? I am always amazed at their social activities, and I am always aware that there is much I do not comprehend about their relationships.

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