Sunday, October 24, 2010


After Midnight eats, drinks, and eats again, she likes to sharpen her claws on a branch that overhangs her feeding bowl. Next, she stretches; kneads the dirt with her paws; and rubs her back along a large rock before heading out to the parking lot to lounge in her favorite splash of sunshine. This spot is near the young maple tree where Midnight eats breakfast every morning. It is also the spot where we say our good byes each day. Two days ago, this corner of Stone Ledge was ablaze in red and crimson maple leaves, and I chastised myself ten times over for not having my camera with me. Finally, today, I remembered to pack my Canon Rebel XS (, but the brilliance of the leaf colors had faded, and Midnight was not her usual exuberant self. After eating, she sat by her dish with her eyes half closed. I felt a tinge of concern about what might be causing her lethargy. She ate, which is always a good sign for a cat, but she also returned to her water dish several times more than usual to drink. Could she have eaten something bad for her? I decided to shrug off my concerns and attribute her behavioral change to her being tired. Last night was mild; possibly one of the last mild nights before the cold weather sets in, and Midnight may have been out carousing and hunting all sorts of little creatures. Perhaps I am being overly anxious about this little black cat, knowing that Halloween is only a few days away. Then again, even the local shelters hold off adopting out black cats until November, so maybe one can't be too careful... After taking a few snapshots, we said our good byes. As I looked at her dainty form and the way the sun glistened on her thick, dark coat, I could not help but wonder how many more beautiful October mornings I might have to share with this little black cat.

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