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RIVERHOOK is a coming-of-age, YA historical gothic tale peppered with mystery, romance, and a dash of horror. This genre blend is set in the lush, gothic world of 19th century America and is inspired by Irish pagan myth and Hudson River folklore.

It’s 1847 in gaslight Manhattan. Irish famine refugee, Alida, who is caught between pursuing her passion for art and fulfilling a death-bed promise to her mother, finds herself in debt to the orphanage that provides her shelter. To repay what she owes, Alida must leave the city and paint dead birds for a twisted taxidermist who lives on a ragged hook of land in the Hudson River. Haunted by the sound of beating wings that only she can hear and terrified when feathers begin sprouting from her shoulders, Alida is certain she’s under an evil spell, one she must break before she loses her only brother--and her own skin!

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Chips, a husky-shepherd-collie mix is a curious and carefree dog until news arrives that Japanese warplanes have bombed Pearl Harbor. Suddenly Chips's comfortable life, and the lives of everyone in his peaceful little village are changed forever.


A fictional account based on the true-life adventures of the most highly decorated K9 hero from World War II. A timeless story about the importance of home, friendship, and loyalty during one of the most challenging times in America's history.

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